Año 1998

M-9093-WW MU-4607-BY CS-8046-AP CR-0847-X CU-6542-J
B-1949-UY TF-5333-BU S-5872-AL VI-3265-W SG-5638-I
V-0075-GK GI-7464-BK VA-4047-AH LU-5220-V GU-9980-H
A-8145-DU PO-7012-BK LE-9019-AF OU-8246-U AV-9911-H
SE-4254-DG Z-3002-BK L-3880-AF SA-9776-T TE-8371-H
IB-5500-DB CA-6992-BJ AL-2195-AF AB-6446-T CE-4516-G
MA-1170-CP SS-4896-BD TO-2969-AC LO-9789-S SO-7563-F
BI-7422-CL T-4741-AY J-0353-AC CC-8834-S ML-5701-E
O-6970-CB NA-6943-AX BA-6703-AB HU-3214-O
GC-6165-CB GR-7565-AT H-6108-X ZA-1573-K
C-8358-BZ CO-6976-AT BU-4814-X P-9926-J

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