Año 1915

M-2594 MA-173 J-101 AV-52 CU-24
B-2057 PA-172 CO-97 ALB-51 ZA-22
SS-971 CA-167 SA-94 LE-51 TER-20
BI-608 GE-160 L-93 TO-50 SEG-15
SE-467 Z-159 LU-84 P-46 SO-13
V-371 TE-156 AL-69 VI-46
O-353 MU-148 CAC-69 CAS-38
C-327 VA-142 HU-67 GU-37
S-295 GR-140 LO-67 H-36
PM-244 A-131 OR-66 BU-35
PO-229 BA-115 T-62 CR-31

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