Año 1961

M-295395 Z-32001 GR-20978 TO-12369 GU-6834
B-263329 MA-28300 GC-19630 CR-11914 CU-6648
V-90120 T-26513 TF-18911 AL-11897 ML-6260
SE-58662 CA-26418 J-17941 VI-10592 TE-5825
BI-50159 S-25520 VA-16936 CC-9961 ZA-5556
PM-48596 CO-25050 LE-16566 LO-9615 CE-5163
A-45494 L-23844 BA-15809 LU-9541 SO-4238
O-44111 C-23083 AB-15235 H-9034 AV-3770
MU-43764 NA-22487 BU-13841 OR-8093
SS-35785 CS-21755 HU-13238 P-7640
GE-34359 PO-21493 SA-13212 SG-6868

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