Año 1948

M-80630 S-7709 T-6008 BU-3643 TE-2234
B-78432 PM-7670 BA-5919 CC-3280 GU-2233
V-21899 GE-7534 L-5659 HU-2951 P-2010
SE-20606 GC-7304 VA-5077 CR-2869 CE-1905
BI-16368 TF-6816 GR-4619 LU-2666 CU-1674
SS-12692 PO-6722 SA-4310 AL-2646 ZA-1530
O-11437 NA-6460 CS-4266 LO-2596 SO-1331
MU-10761 CO-6398 AB-4109 VI-2571 AV-1233
Z-8634 J-6384 LE-4035 SG-2451
A-8399 C-6313 TO-3856 OR-2365
MA-7747 CA-6061 ML-3715 H-2357

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