Año 1918

M-3441 PM-265 VA-176 AL-80 CU-43
B-3359 MA-260 BA-165 LE-74 TER-34
SS-1163 CA-252 L-150 ALB-73 ZA-31
BI-1094 Z-230 SA-123 P-73 SEG-29
SE-849 NA-227 LU-102 GU-66 SO-21
O-545 GE-212 T-100 OR-66 ML-13
V-537 GR-208 CAC-89 AV-63
S-447 TE-196 LO-89 H-62
C-352 J-194 TO-85 CR-58
PO-305 A-190 HU-81 CAS-54
MU-265 CO-176 VI-81 BU-52

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