Año 1992

M-0591-OC GC-3982-AZ CS-2643-AC CR-5957-P CU-1503-H
B-4123-NW TF-2927-AW S-0831-AB LU-3522-O SG-3437-G
V-5855-EJ GI-0592-AU VA-6518-X VI-8783-N AV-9693-F
A-2426-CG Z-3515-AT LE-6010-W OR-5933-N TE-8400-F
SE-8265-BZ PO-0938-AT L-3577-W SA-3645-N GU-8026-F
BI-1643-BP CA-7415-AS AL-1587-U AB-8325-M CE-8516-E
PM-1131-BP SS-8931-AN TO-1524-U LO-2925-M SO-2988-E
MA-6812-BH T-6532-AJ BA-9267-T CC-0930-M ML-2218-D
O-7706-BG NA-4579-AH J-6020-T HU-5607-K
C-9929-BC CO-4554-AF H-7054-P ZA-4855-H
MU-4284-AZ GR-0239-AD BU-6430-P P-4301-H

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