Año 1989

B-1343-KY MU-5921-AM S-2073-V CR-9784-L CU-5159-F
M-6978-KP TF-1122-AL GR-0077-V LU-4396-L SG-9862-E
V-0233-DG GE-8827-AJ VA-4169-T VI-2098-L TE-6921-E
A-9716-BN Z-5678-AH LE-4182-S SA-8042-K AV-6873-E
SE-6655-BF PO-5571-AH L-3821-S OR-7984-K GU-4290-E
BI-1399-BC SS-7506-AG AL-8605-N AB-8712-J CE-5288-D
PM-1070-BC CA-1442-AG TO-6609-N LO-8613-J SO-4796-D
O-6257-AV T-9738-Z BA-5647-N CC-1072-J ML-5030-C
MA-1572-AV NA-1282-Z J-1548-N HU-5844-I
C-5183-AS CO-0346-X BU-4770-M ZA-9379-F
GC-1611-AP CS-9793-V H-1927-M P-9382-F

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