Año 1958

M-212760 Z-21075 CS-13017 HU-8109 OR-5068
B-181632 MA-20249 TF-12748 VI-7397 GU-4925
V-56699 S-18460 GC-12633 CR-7352 CU-4394
SE-40652 CA-16687 J-12500 AL-7284 CE-4105
BI-36231 T-16431 VA-11987 CC-6564 TE-4040
PM-31323 L-15934 LE-10922 LO-6546 ZA-3597
O-29586 CO-15491 BA-10814 LU-6225 SO-2797
MU-28451 C-15288 BU-9731 H-5822 AV-2515
SS-26518 NA-15159 AB-9549 ML-5547
A-25153 PO-14556 SA-8997 SG-5217
GE-21500 GR-13488 TO-8668 P-5172

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