Año 1910

M-1031 PM-73 HU-30 AV-16 SO-3
B-670 Z-64 TE-30 J-16 ALB-1
SS-579 GR-60 LU-29 VI-14 CU-1
BI-226 GE-48 LO-26 LE-13 SEG-1
C-147 MA-44 CO-24 TO-11 TER-1
S-118 BA-41 L-24 GU-10
O-92 VA-33 OR-22 ZA-10
PO-84 AL-32 CAC-22 CAS-9
V-78 SA-32 P-18 CR-7
SE-76 CA-31 MU-17 BU-6
PA-75 A-30 T-17 H-5

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