Año 1959

M-238212 Z-24389 CS-15390 HU-9500 ML-5673
B-204425 MA-22753 GC-14169 AL-8920 GU-5569
V-67622 S-20752 J-13955 CR-8742 CU-5123
SE-45617 T-19529 TF-13828 VI-8622 TE-4529
BI-40350 CA-19527 VA-13576 CC-7518 CE-4260
PM-35274 CO-18117 LE-12896 LO-7474 ZA-4140
O-34715 L-18099 BA-12257 LU-7369 SO-3228
MU-32839 C-17789 AB-11409 H-6689 AV-2859
A-30470 NA-17341 BU-10939 OR-6008
SS-29213 PO-16587 SA-10259 P-5825
GE-26000 GR-15803 TO-9779 SG-5736

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