Año 1925

B-19579 PO-2059 VA-1367 HU-670 CU-470
M-18115 MA-2001 NA-1332 AL-653 ZA-421
SE-6175 CO-1964 GR-1330 LU-649 SEG-363
BI-4595 CA-1812 SA-1179 OR-628 AV-336
SS-4233 BA-1793 TO-1120 BU-625 TER-276
V-3852 J-1767 L-1087 ML-591 SO-263
O-3593 TE-1767 ALB-1068 LO-583 CE-246
MU-3204 C-1706 CAC-1011 VI-583
S-2446 Z-1648 CAS-928 H-549
PM-2351 GE-1637 LE-845 GU-519
A-2285 T-1436 CR-743 P-499

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