Año 1933

B-54331 S-5478 CA-4243 ML-2593 P-1337
M-46854 Z-5435 NA-4041 CR-2359 SG-1226
SE-15558 GE-5230 L-4012 BU-2179 CU-1161
V-13887 J-5164 GR-3566 AL-2040 CE-1138
BI-10710 GC-5153 VA-3447 LU-1935 ZA-1061
SS-8923 TF-5130 TO-3172 HU-1884 TE-1003
O-8611 CO-5088 AB-3048 OR-1767 SO-936
MU-7891 PO-4784 SA-2967 LO-1765 AV-861
A-6053 C-4633 CS-2831 GU-1681
PM-5930 BA-4631 CC-2607 H-1673
MA-5509 T-4495 LE-2583 VI-1409

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