Año 1964

M-418122 Z-48380 GR-31711 SA-19092 SG-9044
B-397942 MA-42871 GC-31436 TO-17932 CU-9075
V-137093 T-40330 TF-30291 CR-17929 ZA-8316
SE-84878 CA-39736 J-26834 VI-14957 TE-8064
PM-77536 CO-38772 VA-25373 CC-14419 ML-7381
A-77026 S-36261 LE-24816 LO-14278 CE-6311
BI-75004 L-35861 BA-23374 LU-13567 SO-6089
MU-66835 C-35546 AB-22138 H-13465 AV-5629
O-63760 NA-35101 HU-19677 OR-12094
SS-51780 CS-34762 AL-19478 P-11004
GE-51563 PO-33336 BU-19185 GU-9942

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