Año 1924

B-16109 A-1633 GR-1053 HU-535 P-348
M-15385 MA-1554 VA-1000 LU-532 ZA-328
SE-4786 CA-1530 NA-989 OR-508 SEG-295
BI-3900 C-1460 SA-945 CR-506 AV-286
SS-3555 CO-1440 ALB-879 AL-500 CE-246
V-3085 J-1379 TO-864 LO-466 SO-207
O-2989 BA-1368 L-836 VI-458 TER-201
MU-2355 Z-1343 CAC-747 BU-450
S-2066 TE-1316 LE-663 H-437
PM-1807 GE-1264 CAS-623 GU-404
PO-1685 T-1119 ML-591 CU-378

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