Año 1926

B-23730 MA-2515 T-1813 CR-1029 P-667
M-21457 CO-2508 VA-1752 ML-998 CU-570
SE-7591 PO-2500 GR-1739 AL-980 ZA-516
BI-5405 J-2358 NA-1718 LU-849 SG-477
SS-4930 BA-2292 SA-1452 OR-825 AV-394
V-4907 TF-2199 TO-1450 BU-820 CE-366
O-4271 CA-2136 L-1387 HU-817 SO-350
MU-4023 GE-2105 AB-1348 LO-755 TE-342
PM-3120 GC-2091 CC-1286 GU-718
A-3030 C-2061 CS-1172 VI-701
S-2896 Z-2050 LE-1046 H-694

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