Año 1928

B-34697 J-3835 CA-2843 CR-1589 VI-938
M-30517 CO-3671 NA-2632 ML-1559 CU-857
SE-10991 MA-3562 L-2485 AL-1367 SG-759
V-8063 PO-3400 VA-2443 BU-1325 ZA-734
BI-7237 GE-3303 GR-2387 LU-1239 AV-598
SS-6576 Z-3259 TO-2154 HU-1220 CE-595
O-5895 BA-3228 AB-2124 OR-1153 SO-571
MU-5502 C-2956 SA-2038 GU-1135 TE-561
A-4280 TF-2947 CC-1818 LO-1101
PM-4175 GC-2902 CS-1605 H-1056
S-3863 T-2862 LE-1590 P-962

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