Año 1953

M-106001 MA-8610 T-6374 ML-3960 CE-2466
B-87882 S-8511 BA-6338 CC-3475 GU-2424
V-24758 GE-8356 L-6060 CR-3206 TE-2307
SE-21926 GC-8336 VA-5587 HU-3136 P-2265
BI-18649 TF-8316 GR-5147 VI-3108 CU-1784
SS-14435 PO-7389 SA-4817 LO-3029 ZA-1651
O-12290 NA-7279 CS-4627 AL-2845 SO-1428
MU-11517 C-6908 LE-4454 LU-2822 AV-1321
Z-9571 CO-6877 BU-4424 SG-2797
PM-8962 CA-6831 AB-4286 H-2534
A-8880 J-6731 TO-4274 OR-2515

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