Año 1995

M-8628-TB MU-8900-BJ CS-7254-AH CR-9321-T CU-2863-I
B-9408-PZ TF-8299-BF S-6918-AF VI-7510-S SG-3617-H
V-5540-FF GI-7221-AY VA-0811-AC LU-6839-S AV-9032-G
A-3919-CW Z-3806-AZ LE-9191-Z OR-0398-S GU-7910-G
SE-0137-CN PO-3535-AZ L-3607-Z SA-5190-P TE-7112-G
PM-9700-CD CA-5004-AY AL-8802-X AB-9182-O CE-5018-F
BI-0945-BZ SS-8270-AV TO-3033-X CC-2691-O SO-9415-E
MA-9282-BV T-3991-AP BA-8442-W LO-2043-O ML-8188-D
O-1537-BS NA-7106-AN J-7522-W HU-1668-M
C-9558-BM CO-8996-AK BU-2361-U ZA-7561-I
GC-2406-BL GR-0049-AK H-2004-U P-5619-I

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