Año 1967

M-632703 Z-72164 GR-48633 SA-28543 CU-13565
B-599553 MA-66610 GC-48633 CR-27091 ZA-13514
V-206420 CA-62177 TF-46394 TO-27073 SG-13078
SE-128119 CO-59135 VA-40593 H-22549 TE-11394
A-117210 C-59058 J-39117 VI-22235 ML-9270
PM-111239 T-58089 LE-38719 CC-21832 AV-9470
BI-110113 PO-54292 BA-35271 LO-21596 SO-9172
O-96628 NA-53648 AB-31680 LU-21143 CE-8579
MU-95793 S-52783 AL-29916 OR-20433
GE-73914 L-49983 BU-28223 P-16115
SS-73576 CS-49567 HU-27697 GU-14415

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