Año 1994

M-2362-SB MU-3391-BG CS-1714-AG CR-1945-T CU-9352-H
B-3114-PH TF-9591-BB S-5076-AD LU-9576-P SG-0619-H
V-7985-EX GI-7892-AX VA-0166-AB VI-7030-P AV-6167-G
A-8969-CP Z-4409-AX LE-9275-Y OR-2865-P GU-4844-G
SE-8083-CJ PO-3276-AX L-3685-Y SA-8817-O TE-4517-G
PM-2086-BY CA-6581-AW AL-6187-W AB-2825-O CE-2909-F
BI-6405-BW SS-2100-AU TO-3394-W CC-6155-N SO-7433-E
MA-8630-BP T-8292-AM BA-9410-V LO-5525-N ML-6207-D
O-9032-BN NA-9848-AL J-8323-V HU-6364-L
C-3490-BK CO-5535-AJ BU-4200-T ZA-3807-I
GC-9014-BG GR-4833-AH H-3808-T P-2151-I

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