Año 1997

M-2118-VK MU-7666-BT CS-4152-AM CR-8380-V CU-1032-J
B-1802-TV TF-4954-BN S-6156-AJ VI-0060-V SG-0981-I
V-6751-FX GI-5382-BG VA-6765-AF LU-4474-U AV-5753-H
A-4488-DK PO-4862-BG LE-3761-AD OR-7799-T GU-5178-H
SE-6554-CY Z-2264-BG L-7790-AC SA-0494-T TE-4007-H
IB-1229-CU CA-4075-BF AL-1181-AC AB-5515-S CE-0686-G
MA-3249-CH SS-8154-AZ TO-6962-Z LO-9164-P SO-4337-F
BI-9158-CG T-6277-AV J-3344-Z CC-8613-P ML-2802-E
O-4470-BX NA-0171-AV BA-1364-Z HU-4787-N
C-1267-BW CO-4437-AP H-2760-W ZA-6390-J
GC-0743-BW GR-0380-AP BU-2080-W P-4254-J

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