Año 1934

B-58900 Z-5892 CA-4711 CC-2777 P-1440
M-51414 S-5800 L-4369 CR-2461 SG-1366
SE-16378 GE-5622 NA-4339 BU-2374 CU-1254
V-15162 TF-5560 GR-3813 AL-2168 CE-1243
BI-11545 GC-5514 VA-3674 LU-2076 ZA-1132
SS-9428 CO-5379 TO-3301 HU-2035 TE-1058
O-9105 J-5365 SA-3257 LO-1914 SO-1005
MU-8462 PO-5044 AB-3232 OR-1862 AV-905
A-6525 BA-4967 CS-3022 H-1821
PM-6427 C-4967 ML-2860 GU-1788
MA-5929 T-4764 LE-2841 VI-1520

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