Año 1913

M-1957 PA-128 LU-68 ALB-39 CR-16
B-1547 GE-121 SA-62 AV-38 TER-13
SS-865 MA-118 LO-55 TO-32 SEG-12
BI-481 GR-116 HU-54 LE-31 SO-9
V-293 CA-112 CO-53 P-31 CU-5
C-282 Z-112 L-53 VI-31
SE-279 A-101 CAC-51 BU-28
O-249 MU-92 OR-51 CAS-26
S-232 TE-87 AL-50 H-23
PM-182 VA-86 T-46 ZA-19
PO-180 BA-83 J-45 GU-17

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