Año 1909

M-748 SE-50 LO-21 VI-10 ALB-1
SS-515 V-46 CAC-20 ZA-10 CU-1
B-469 GR-45 VA-19 P-9 SO-1
BI-173 GE-37 HU-18 TO-9 TER-1
C-111 BA-35 CO-16 CAS-7
S-88 MA-31 AV-15 LE-7
O-68 AL-30 MU-15 GU-6
PM-67 LU-25 J-13 T-6
PO-65 CA-24 A-12 CR-5
Z-52 SA-24 OR-12 H-4
PA-50 L-23 TE-10 BU-2

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