Año 1937

B-67032 MA-6520 CA-5194 CC-3034 P-1669
M-58690 GE-6381 NA-4956 BU-2750 SG-1591
SE-17800 S-6350 L-4819 CR-2661 CE-1585
V-17423 TF-6185 GR-4203 AL-2373 CU-1401
BI-13068 GC-6159 VA-4063 HU-2332 ZA-1302
SS-10299 CO-5955 SA-3783 LU-2312 TE-1142
O-10015 J-5821 TO-3569 LO-2266 SO-1104
MU-9445 PO-5621 CS-3498 OR-2079 AV-1017
A-7311 BA-5571 AB-3458 H-2052
PM-7063 C-5488 ML-3275 GU-1977
Z-6619 T-5260 LE-3258 VI-1797

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