Año 1919

M-4108 CA-293 BA-200 AL-87 CU-54
B-4046 MA-293 VA-194 VI-86 TER-43
BI-1314 Z-278 L-167 LE-85 SEG-36
SS-1286 PM-273 SA-134 GU-79 ZA-36
SE-1068 GE-262 T-121 P-77 SO-24
O-628 NA-256 HU-112 H-72 ML-15
V-620 GR-226 LU-103 AV-71  
S-514 J-218 CAC-98 OR-70
C-359 A-217 TO-98 CR-62
PO-330 CO-205 LO-94 CAS-56
MU-313 TE-203 ALB-89 BU-54

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