Año 1963

M-368159 Z-42034 GC-27714 AL-16714 SG-8138
B-346122 MA-37484 GR-27489 TO-15799 CU-8003
V-119699 T-35556 TF-26785 CR-15779 ZA-7197
SE-75120 CA-35122 J-23389 VI-13211 TE-7185
PM-67982 CO-33809 LE-21732 CC-12847 ML-6959
BI-65518 S-32053 VA-21706 LO-12412 CE-5872
A-65429 L-31871 BA-20722 LU-12044 SO-5311
MU-58434 C-30547 AB-19476 H-11612 AV-4791
O-56949 NA-30305 HU-17488 OR-10395
SS-45752 CS-30060 BU-17168 P-9706
GE-45745 PO-28669 SA-16800 GU-8645

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