Año 1999

M-9248-YN MU-9833-CF CS-6468-AU CR-5459-Y CU-2960-K
B-5972-WH TF-0157-BZ S-9612-AN VI-8061-X SG-0776-J
V-2431-GY GI-4080-BP VA-4361-AK LU-7674-W GU-5864-I
A-6606-EF PO-3702-BP LE-6598-AH OR-9984-V AV-4784-I
SE-4803-DP Z-9473-BN AL-6517-AH SA-0679-V TE-3525-I
IB-9480-DK CA-7172-BN L-2319-AH AB-9374-U CE-8455-G
MA-2017-CY SS-5451-BH TO-2562-AF LO-2246-U SO-0974-G
BI-0017-CT T-8378-BC J-0270-AF CC-1137-U ML-9420-E
GC-0682-CJ NA-6076-BB BA-5926-AD HU-2932-P
O-4403-CG GR-9160-AW H-2664-Z ZA-7557-K
C-1846-CG CO-3055-AW BU-9565-Y P-6318-K

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