Año 1985

B-5679-HB MU-0349-X S-0591-N LU-8959-H CU-6318-D
M-4776-GU PO-5968-W VA-3115-M VI-8086-H SG-3895-D
V-4091-BU GE-2595-W LE-6541-L SA-6925-H TE-3490-D
A-2576-AP SS-2157-W GR-4946-L H-6076-H AV-2298-D
BI-4055-AL Z-7606-V L-2708-L OR-4673-H GU-8663-C
SE-7056-AH TF-7039-V BA-0173-J AB-6472-G CE-5553-C
PM-1527-AH CA-4956-T TO-8151-I LO-6396-G SO-4370-C
O-8197-AG NA-6016-P BU-5687-I CC-1301-G ML-8424-B
C-3663-AC T-4732-P AL-5527-I HU-9910-F
MA-3267-AB CO-9549-N J-3448-I ZA-2551-E
GC-9707-X CS-1132-N CR-1601-I P-1505-E

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