Año 1955

M-135310 GE-10501 T-7465 ML-4355 CE-2866
B-109430 S-10378 BA-7377 CC-3968 OR-2818
V-29605 A-10264 GR-7014 VI-3966 P-2760
SE-24632 TF-9595 L-6937 CR-3727 TE-2411
BI-22589 GC-9066 VA-6799 LO-3564 CU-2050
SS-17470 CA-9000 SA-5657 HU-3519 ZA-1893
O-14810 NA-8705 BU-5614 AL-3454 SO-1594
MU-13112 PO-8032 CS-5610 SG-3354 AV-1549
PM-12928 CO-7878 AB-5265 H-3074
Z-11968 J-7506 TO-5236 LU-3060
MA-10787 C-7500 LE-4914 GU-2881

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