Año 1938

B-67097 MA-6598 CA-5221 CC-3047 P-1683
M-58690 S-6385 NA-4981 BU-2798 CE-1610
SE-18002 GE-6383 L-4824 CR-2662 SG-1609
V-17435 GC-6208 GR-4210 AL-2374 CU-1405
BI-13232 TF-6203 VA-4099 HU-2347 ZA-1304
SS-10522 CO-5960 SA-3841 LU-2312 TE-1142
O-10039 J-5821 TO-3578 LO-2282 SO-1107
MU-9447 PO-5636 CS-3539 OR-2086 AV-1039
A-7312 BA-5577 AB-3459 H-2064
PM-7091 C-5493 ML-3322 GU-1977
Z-6743 T-5260 LE-3271 VI-1817

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