Año 2000 (hasta el 17-9-2000)

M-6814-ZX O-0610-CK CS-6737-AW CR-5805-Z CU-7433-K
B-4819-XG TF-1308-CD S-6756-AS VI-8538-Y SG-4434-J
V-1257-HJ PO-0126-BU VA-8654-AL LU-6360-X GU-0333-J
A-1794-EN GI-8826-BT AL-3434-AK OU-8069-W AV-8209-I
SE-7129-DW CA-6701-BT LE-8797-AJ AB-8538-V TE-7164-I
IB-5745-DT Z-5428-BT L-4069-AJ SA-8295-V CE-1131-H
MA-8932-DF SS-6261-BK TO-6753-AG LO-1001-V SO-3367-G
BI-9894-CV T-1425-BG J-4209-AG CC-9834-U ML-1931-F
GC-7889-CM NA-7541-BD BA-0032-AG HU-9747-P  
MU-9921-CK GR-1874-AZ H-4575-AB ZA-1665-L
C-1397-CK CO-2155-AY BU-9509-Z P-0849-L

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