Año 1921

M-8032 MA-698 BA-444 LO-197 CR-114
B-7727 MU-689 VA-420 H-196 TER-88
BI-2350 PM-587 SA-357 CAC-195 SEG-86
SE-2303 J-584 T-356 VI-195 ML-83
SS-2191 TE-570 L-341 AL-190 SO-79
O-1393 Z-555 TO-280 GU-175 ZA-68
V-1336 A-533 ALB-274 BU-172
S-1116 GR-525 HU-224 CAS-169
PO-769 GE-524 LU-219 CU-168
CA-770 NA-505 OR-205 AV-122
C-701 CO-484 LE-198 P-120

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