Año 1929

B-41429 S-4362 CA-3286 LE-1896 VI-1108
M-36170 CO-4332 NA-3138 ML-1774 CU-1003
SE-13257 MA-4270 L-3133 BU-1655 SG-918
V-10281 Z-3970 VA-2832 AL-1584 ZA-866
BI-8312 PO-3932 GR-2818 HU-1451 CE-768
SS-7358 GE-3908 TO-2599 LU-1438 SO-755
O-6826 BA-3736 AB-2588 LO-1357 TE-743
MU-6386 T-3569 SA-2365 GU-1345 AV-707
A-5006 C-3475 CC-2141 OR-1345
PM-4845 TF-3414 CS-1981 H-1254
J-4500 GC-3409 CR-1920 P-1117

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