Año 1932

B-50764 S-5192 CA-3918 ML-2386 P-1283
M-43711 J-5030 L-3824 CR-2262 SG-1119
SE-15020 Z-5020 NA-3763 BU-2057 CU-1115
V-13145 CO-4951 GR-3391 AL-1950 CE-1053
BI-10048 GE-4892 VA-3285 LU-1841 ZA-1012
SS-8476 PO-4582 TO-3066 HU-1757 TE-965
O-8223 C-4380 AB-2949 OR-1704 SO-902
MU-7560 BA-4321 SA-2802 LO-1676 AV-818
A-5741 T-4304 CS-2634 GU-1601
PM-5576 GC-4808 CC-2478 H-1587
MA-5250 TF-4728 LE-2408 VI-1352

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