Año 1945

B-74510 MA-7099 CA-5643 BU-3318 GU-2109
M-72423 GE-7082 T-5636 CC-3198 SG-2067
V-20008 S-7057 L-5264 CR-2747 P-1895
SE-19570 GC-6478 VA-4561 HU-2625 CE-1811
BI-14917 TF-6315 GR-4481 LU-2522 CU-1531
SS-12113 CO-6260 SA-4152 AL-2509 ZA-1436
O-10792 PO-6257 CS-4068 LO-2479 SO-1250
MU-10096 J-6081 AB-3831 VI-2467 AV-1143
Z-8109 C-5985 TO-3770 H-2221
A-7928 NA-5875 LE-3637 OR-2213
PM-7370 BA-5757 ML-3569 TE-2117

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