Año 1946

B-75592 GE-7249 T-5734 BU-3427 TE-2149
M-74650 S-7213 CA-5677 CC-3205 GU-2143
V-20412 MA-7198 L-5347 CR-2762 P-1914
SE-19778 GC-6536 VA-4749 HU-2734 CE-1835
BI-15248 PO-6363 GR-4517 LU-2560 CU-1571
SS-12306 TF-6346 SA-4181 AL-2541 ZA-1454
O-10958 CO-6290 CS-4131 LO-2499 SO-1274
MU-10255 J-6148 AB-3928 VI-2495 AV-1155
Z-8277 C-6109 TO-3793 H-2245
A-8094 NA-6061 LE-3722 SG-2251
PM-7435 BA-5788 ML-3619 OR-2240

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