Año 1990

B-5394-LY MU-1430-AT S-9335-W CR-2111-N CU-0954-G
M-9453-LU TF-9446-AN GR-3768-X LU-4177-M SG-4566-F
V-0192-DS GE-4902-AM VA-9299-U VI-0888-M AV-1199-F
A-9458-BV Z-1798-AL LE-8494-T OR-7238-L TE-0735-F
SE-3213-BM PO-0300-AL L-7837-T SA-6675-L GU-9069-E
PM-7161-BG CA-2530-AK AL-3432-P AB-9036-K CE-8353-D
BI-5259-BG SS-9486-AJ TO-1631-P LO-7038-K SO-7504-D
MA-3149-AZ T-3188-AD BA-0222-P CC-0859-K ML-7341-C
O-6442-AY NA-2003-AC J-6168-O HU-2960-J
C-7028-AV CO-2258-Z BU-5170-N ZA-4579-G
GC-9268-AT CS-8621-X H-5152-N P-4419-G

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