Año 1993

M-5694-OZ GC-6358-BC CS-5607-AD CR-3701-S CU-5233-H
B-0158-ON TF-1606-AY S-2569-AC LU-1105-P SG-6785-G
V-7169-EP GI-8034-AV VA-7669-Y VI-6358-O AV-2762-G
A-5206-CK Z-3281-AV LE-6956-X OR-4015-O TE-1438-G
SE-2768-CF PO-0799-AV L-3213-X SA-0885-O GU-1277-G
PM-9225-BT CA-6238-AU AL-2884-V AB-5251-N CE-0753-F
BI-6743-BT SS-4509-AS TO-1899-V LO-8781-M SO-5178-E
MA-2850-BL T-3721-AL BA-9066-U CC-8361-M ML-4215-D
O-4015-BK NA-1986-AK J-7039-U HU-0637-L
C-5681-BG CO-9572-AG BU-4651-S ZA-8935-H
MU-7661-BC GR-6988-AF H-4931-S P-7981-H

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