Año 1920

B-6436 C-505 BA-331 H-141 CR-86
M-6069 MA-450 VA-323 AL-140 SEG-61
BI-2016 Z-433 L-268 CAC-140 TER-61
SE-1961 J-436 T-244 VI-140 SO-54
SS-1859 GR-419 TO-215 CU-131 ZA-45
V-992 A-403 SA-203 GU-129 ML-25
O-991 PM-403 ALB-191 OR-125
S-809 NA-395 HU-153 CAS-111
CA-613 GE-394 LU-149 BU-100
PO-565 TE-360 LO-148 AV-98
MU-521 CO-343 LE-146 P-91

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