Año 1922

B-9759 MA-925 BA-612 OR-291 AV-170
M-9559 C-901 VA-507 LE-283 CR-164
SE-2765 PM-815 SA-490 CAS-263 ZA-143
BI-2569 TE-790 T-463 AL-251 CE-122
SS-2512 J-745 L-416 LO-249 SEG-121
V-1820 A-732 ALB-383 VI-247 TER-110
O-1783 Z-713 TO-376 BU-245 SO-104
S-1347 CO-644 HU-321 GU-236
CA-999 NA-632 ML-305 H-227
PO-995 GE-630 LU-294 CU-213
MU-979 GR-629 CAC-292 P-176

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