Año 1947

M-77146 S-7436 CA-5818 BU-3519 TE-2190
B-76768 MA-7374 T-5817 CC-3226 GU-2188
V-20945 GE-7337 L-5465 HU-2862 P-1933
SE-20152 GC-6776 VA-4905 CR-2794 CE-1854
BI-15714 PO-6492 GR-4554 LU-2607 CU-1618
SS-12459 TF-6417 SA-4228 AL-2583 ZA-1483
O-11189 CO-6325 CS-4199 LO-2524 SO-1305
MU-10517 NA-6256 AB-4014 VI-2515 AV-1170
Z-8373 J-6221 LE-3856 SG-2357
A-8247 C-6185 TO-3856 OR-2289
PM-7537 BA-5843 ML-3674 H-2278

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