Año 1954

M-118795 MA-9309 BA-6779 ML-4118 CE-2594
B-96487 GE-9198 T-6636 CC-3628 P-2457
V-26717 S-9085 L-6298 CR-3378 GU-2546
SE-22961 TF-8894 GR-5989 VI-3415 TE-2355
BI-19969 GC-8593 VA-5948 HU-3243 CU-1890
SS-15488 NA-7787 SA-5129 LO-3220 ZA-1733
O-13050 CA-7775 CS-5086 SG-3010 SO-1475
MU-11813 PO-7635 BU-4761 AL-3009 AV-1396
Z-10369 CO-7178 AB-4710 LU-2892
PM-10347 C-7143 LE-4606 H-2753
A-9577 J-7008 TO-4596 OR-2613

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