Año 1987

B-8808-IS MU-0840-AD S-5576-P LU-4404-J CU-3554-E
M-2882-IJ TF-1036-AC GR-4904-O H-4125-J SG-0487-E
V-6771-CJ GE-8539-AB VA-4889-O VI-2571-J TE-9322-D
A-4485-AZ PO-3425-AB LE-6947-N SA-9902-I AV-8334-D
BI-0394-AU SS-0169-AB L-3969-N OR-8914-I GU-5302-D
SE-7258-AS Z-9385-Z BA-8561-K LO-0625-I CE-9590-C
PM-0714-AS CA-6295-X TO-7823-K AB-9348-H SO-8725-C
O-3866-AM T-9774-U AL-7523-K CC-3363-H ML-1263-C
MA-4406-AJ NA-8678-U BU-2967-K HU-0881-H
C-1023-AJ CO-7501-S J-2378-K ZA-9940-E
GC-8164-AF CS-9313-P CR-6111-J P-9125-E

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