Año 1931

B-48356 S-4993 CA-3775 ML-2220 P-1254
M-42027 J-4943 L-3693 CR-2217 CU-1105
SE-14729 CO-4853 NA-3631 BU-1965 SG-1076
V-12457 Z-4787 GR-3311 AL-1894 CE-995
BI-9544 GE-4684 VA-3193 LU-1766 ZA-981
SS-8170 PO-4472 TO-3023 HU-1716 TE-945
O-7922 BA-4203 AB-2911 OR-1620 SO-877
MU-7342 T-4201 SA-2715 LO-1614 AV-800
A-5573 C-4190 CS-2480 GU-1544
PM-5379 GC-4413 CC-2430 H-1515
MA-5088 TF-4392 LE-2308 VI-1293

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