Año 1996

M-1247-UF MU-8897-BM CS-4272-AK CR-7879-U CU-5495-I
B-7804-SV TF-9422-BJ S-0149-AH VI-7595-T SG-7112-H
V-8782-FM GI-8735-BC VA-2776-AD LU-5098-T AV-2196-H
A-3788-DC PO-7615-BC LE-0668-AC OR-8524-S GU-1193-H
SE-9463-CT Z-5397-BC L-4546-AB SA-2243-S TE-0119-H
PM-2625-CL CA-6832-BB AL-3699-Z AB-6351-P CE-7235-F
BI-7792-CC SS-5814-AX TO-3800-Y CC-9893-O SO-1596-F
MA-3187-CB T-2665-AT J-8612-X LO-9886-O ML-0309-E
O-6143-BU NA-7014-AS BA-8436-X HU-7592-M
C-8532-BS CO-4690-AM BU-1410-V ZA-1708-J
GC-8667-BP GR-7947-AL H-1341-V P-9466-I

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