Año 1930

B-46165 MA-4836 CA-3596 LE-2131 P-1207
M-40208 S-4776 L-3517 ML-1986 CU-1078
SE-14266 CO-4718 NA-3446 BU-1858 SG-1014
V-11708 Z-4519 GR-3165 AL-1777 ZA-955
BI-9149 GE-4392 VA-3115 HU-1640 CE-902
SS-7892 PO-4291 TO-2928 LU-1618 TE-873
O-7499 BA-4061 AB-2846 LO-1521 SO-848
MU-7019 T-3993 SA-2605 OR-1499 AV-767
A-5395 C-3932 CC-2342 GU-1475
PM-5192 TF-3865 CS-2295 H-1410
J-4863 GC-3797 CR-2155 VI-1213

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