Año 1991

B-1288-MX MU-3104-AW GR-5989-Z CR-3993-O CU-6157-G
M-8107-MW TF-5965-AT S-5113-Y LU-3278-N SG-8958-F
V-1794-DZ GE-7271-AP VA-2144-W VI-9274-M AV-5325-F
A-0646-CB Z-7355-AN LE-1831-V OR-5989-M TE-4397-F
SE-4211-BU PO-4655-AN L-0422-V SA-4831-M GU-3399-F
PM-8135-BK CA-9330-AM AL-7125-S AB-8682-L CE-5739-E
BI-7321-BK SS-9167-AL TO-6466-S LO-4809-L SO-0096-E
MA-4964-BD T-3506-AG BA-4245-S CC-0304-L ML-9720-C
O-5359-BC NA-1673-AF J-0569-S HU-9066-J
C-7352-AY CO-2543-AC H-6121-O ZA-9436-G
GC-4664-AW CS-4957-Z BU-5036-O P-9227-G

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