Año 1949

M-83634 S-7877 T-6145 BU-3720 TE-2266
B-79832 PM-7728 BA-5972 CC-3313 GU-2262
V-22762 GE-7681 L-5764 HU-3003 P-2065
SE-20897 GC-7515 VA-5229 CR-2925 CE-1965
BI-16739 TF-6986 GR-4665 LU-2715 CU-1702
SS-12867 PO-6873 SA-4391 AL-2674 ZA-1561
O-11630 NA-6597 CS-4304 LO-2654 SO-1355
MU-10947 CO-6531 AB-4142 VI-2622 AV-1249
Z-8854 J-6500 LE-4128 SG-2547
A-8494 C-6454 TO-4002 OR-2408
MA-7930 CA-6285 ML-3740 H-2380

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