Año 1935

B-63961 Z-6385 CA-5071 CC-2935 P-1572
M-56328 S-6146 NA-4677 CR-2606 SG-1499
SE-17239 GE-6084 L-4649 BU-2594 CE-1471
V-16467 TF-6013 GR-4099 AL-2321 CU-1361
BI-12452 GC-5929 VA-3906 LU-2218 ZA-1234
SS-9921 CO-5777 SA-3527 HU-2214 TE-1097
O-9704 J-5688 TO-3495 LO-2129 SO-1073
MU-9099 PO-5404 AB-3390 OR-2010 AV-979
A-7032 BA-5391 CS-3315 H-1982
PM-6809 C-5288 ML-3141 GU-1907
MA-6394 T-5089 LE-3108 VI-1678

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